Power of Silence

Improvisers all over the world have one thing in common. They all talk too much on stage. We can see the potential in building tension when we start to use silence as a tool.  Silence and less words in general can not only add to the intensity of the scenes, it can activate the audience’s imagination and engages them to be more invested in the scene. This workshop explores techniques to help inspire your scenes to be more efficient and effective with less words, more emotions, and the potential to spark the audience’s minds.

Lee opens his tool box and hands out some fun toys for new inspirations. How to fix up our old habits and explore scenes from different angles. Often we feel like we get stuck in a rut, so let’s try some new ideas and break out of the repetition. Come find some new gadgets to bring out some fresh scenes.

Date: t.b.d.
Fee: 200,- Euro  

Coach: Lee White

Mail: eldubs@gmail.com