Long Form Building Blocks

Improvisers love long-form. It gives us a chance to tell deeper stories. Develop stronger characters. Creates atmospheres with impact and can build tension. Best of all, it gives us more space to touch the audience’s heart. This workshop focuses on essential tools you need for each step in Long-form.

Starting with building the base for our long forms to make sure we have enough fuel to get us to the end. We can make choices to ensure we have a sturdy start to our stories that give us better success for the middle and ends. Start smart and think less at the end.
Enhance your skills to heighten the rising action and the climax that form the middle of the story. The aspects that make the audience need to see what happens next. Raising the stakes and making the characters struggles have bigger consequences that will draw in the crowd.
Explore what information is needed for the falling action and the resolution at the end of the story. Wrapping up loose ends and giving the crowd the satisfying ending that makes them want to come back and see the next show.

Let’s strive to tell better stories with clear simple strategies for us to win over any audience.

Lee opens his tool box and hands out some fun toys for new inspirations. How to fix up our old habits and explore scenes from different angles. Often we feel like we get stuck in a rut, so let’s try some new ideas and break out of the repetition. Come find some new gadgets to bring out some fresh scenes.

Date: April 20./21., 11am – 6pm
Fee: 200,- Euro  

Coach: Lee White

Mail: eldubs@gmail.com